The Skills Boosting Employability among Decarbonisers

An overview of five skills that will be in demand in germany's energy transition

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As the world continues to grapple with the challenges posed by climate change and environmental degradation, the need for sustainable solutions has become more pressing. Green technologies have emerged as a critical avenue for addressing these challenges, leading to a surge in demand for skilled professionals who can design, install, maintain, and innovate these technologies. Here are five skills that can significantly boost green technicians’ employability:

1. Knowing how to navigate a multicultural work environment

The renewable energy sector fosters cross-border collaborations, with projects often involving multinational teams. Language skills, particularly proficiency in German for German companies, enable green technicians to navigate this multicultural work environment more effectively. Communication in technical discussions, meetings, and project coordination strengthens teamwork, promotes efficiency, and facilitates successful project execution.

2. Understanding how to engage with local stakeholders

As green technicians contribute to renewable energy projects, they interact with various stakeholders, including local authorities, suppliers, and communities. Soft skills related to negotiation, conflict resolution and time management fosters authentic engagement and meaningful communication with these stakeholders, demonstrating respect for local networks and fostering positive working relationships. 

3. Understanding German technical literature and contracts

German is a prominent language in the engineering and technology sectors, and many technical documents, research papers, and manuals are published in German. Green technicians who possess a good legal understanding of projects and the risks involved are highly sought after, and this requires both language and research skills to be able to access and understand valuable technical literature directly, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and contributing to industry-specific discussions.

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4. Project management and planning

Knowing how to use software like Primavera 6 to plan, schedule and management projects is key for many engineers and sustainability managers. Also knowing how to account for extensive inventory at all times of a major project is also a skill in high demand. Note that offers specialised upskilling for those seeking project management in the wind energy sector via our International Repowering of Wind Turbines and Offhsore Wind Project Management Insight Seminars offered by seasoned experts.

5. Cross-sectional problem-solving and innovation skills

In addition to those skills required to promote a deeper understanding of cultural nuances, ones linked to creative problem-solving and innovation are always appreciated by employers–regardless of the industry. Knowing how to proactively tackle a problem as a means of collaborating on complex, multi-sector and often multi-national projects comes with experience, but the desire to do so can begin on day one. Therefore, always seek to be leading the drive towards finding innovative solutions that enhance the transition to renewable energy as a whole, and not just within the sector of your focus.

Multi-skilled Green Technicians are the linchpin of the sustainable technology revolution, particularly given the rapid rise of AI. Their skills are in high demand as industries recognize the urgency of adopting eco-friendly practices spearheaded by those with a diverse skill set. By honing skills related to renewable energy project management and efficiency, awareness of environmental regulations, problem-solving, communication and data, aspiring green technicians can significantly enhance their employability both in Germany and abroad. To help here, we will soon be supporting engineers  with carbon accounting and data management comprehension. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know.

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